CPR for Concrete

A decorative finish that brings concrete back to life - at 50% of the cost.

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Concrete Profile Restoration (CPR)

Finally! A Superior Alternative to Replacing Damaged Concrete that can Withstand the Brutal Midwest Climate. 

Until now, a complete tear out or problematic overlays were the only options available for damaged concrete. 

  • Tear out and replacement, the most common solution is costly, invasive, and time consuming. It keeps you off your driveway for over a week, while potentially damaging the yard, sprinklers, and landscape. 
  • Another option is a micro topping or overlay. Where a thin layer of cementitious material is placed over your existing concrete. This leaves a critical "bond line" between existing concrete and the topping. This bond line is highly prone to failure in our freeze/thaw climate.


Commercial Concrete Solutions Brings Concrete Profile Restoration (CPR) to the Midwest
With new technologies, a fresh perspective on concrete surfaces, and keeping our customers ever tightening budgets in mind, we have introduced a creative new process for saving your existing concrete. We have affectionately dubbed CPR or Concrete Profile Restoration. 


  • Less cost/higher ROI for property owners. 
  • Decorative finish with exposed aggregate look. 
  • No topping or bond line to fail. 
  • No damage to yard or landscape. 
  • Quicker turn around than a tear out. 
  • Unique look, popular in Europe, but not often seen in the Midwest. 
  • More salt and chemical resistant than the original concrete. 
  • Increased texture for better grip, and less slips. 

Concrete Profile Restoration can be used on just about any horizontal concrete surface, such as:

  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Concrete stairs
  • Patios
  • Pool decks


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