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Turn to Commercial Concrete Solutions when your concrete needs to be repaired quickly with the strength to support and protect your most valuable assets.

Heartland Coca Cola Distribution Center

Heartland Coca Cola Distribution Center purchased a new piece of equipment and it required a new concrete slab with very detailed specifications. The repair technicians at CCS tore out and replaced the concrete using a specific mix of concrete that reached 3,000 PSI in just 1 day meeting their requirements. Normal high early concrete would take at least 3 days to reach 3,000 PSI. We accommodated the customers operating schedule by tearing out the area at night and pouring back the area the next morning.

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SPX had purchased a new piece of equipment which required a new concrete slab inside their facility with very detailed specifications. Repair technicians at CCS used great care to remove existing sections of concrete where the equipment was to be located. These locations were excavated and prepped with a new rock base and rebar structure as per the design. We then installed a 12″ thick concrete slab over a 12″ compacted base with a flat and level surface within a 1/4″ over the entire area to ensure a flat surface for equipment mounts. All processes were performed while SPX was operating at full capacity with little impact on their daily activities. Dust levels were kept at a minimum to ensure a safe work environment for SPX as well as CCS employees. This project was completed in just 2 days.

Industry: Industrial, Warehouse | Repairs:

National Beef

National Beef had a 1,400 SF production area concrete floor that was pitted and had several trenches worn into it causing damage to the wheels of their industrial carts – which cost several thousand dollars to replace! Tearing out and replacing the concrete would have cost the company thousands in downtime. We worked around the clock and completed the entire job in 32 hours. We were able to go in and fill all of the pitted areas and trenches. Then we applied a chemical resistant coating. The client was so pleased they had us do the same process on another area right away.


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Spall Repair Platte City

Casey’s General Store

CCS was trusted to repair spalling around the manhole on the grounds of Casey’s General Store in Platte City, MO. The spalling issues were not only an eye sore, they were posing an issue to traffic coming in and out of the lot. Of course, the area sees a lot of customers come and go, so the repairs needed to be quick. With Commercial Concrete Solutions’ technology, the repairs were completed and ready for customer traffic in just three hours.

Industry: Retail and Convenience | Repairs: , ,

St. Luke’s East Hospital

Spalls were turning parts of St. Luke’s East Hospital’s walkways and ADA ramps into hazard minefields. It’s inconvenient to so many patients and guests to cordon off the very areas designed to provide easy accessibility to the hospital. Instead of disrupting normal access for the days it would normally take to replace spalls, CCS repaired them across walkways and ramps in just one day. Thanks to the material and process we use, the concrete repairs were ready for foot and wheel traffic in just 15 minutes.

Project Time – 1 day

Industry: Healthcare | Repairs: , ,

block real estate Concrete Repair

Block Real Estate Services

Not only was Block Real Estate Services dealing with unsightly concrete damage to a step corner at the handrail and walkway leading to the stairs, but also that damage could chip away at the handrail’s integrity. The longer it remained in disrepair, the more extensive and expensive the replacement would be. To avoid costly replacement and eliminate risk to the public, Block Real Estate Services called in CCS to repair the concrete instead of replace. Our team repaired the spalls causing an eyesore and trip hazard in a matter of hours.

Project Time – 3 hours

Industry: Retail and Convenience | Repairs: ,

Quality Hill Concrete Repair

Quality Hill Apartments

Quality Hill Apartments had a deteriorating staircase, which was a serious trip hazard and an eyesore for residents and prospective tenants. Rather than inconveniencing residents for a long period of time and using budget to replace the stairs, Quality Hill’s management team contacted CCS. Our team was able to overlay and repair, not replace, the stairs at a fraction of the cost with the same longevity of a replacement job. Plus, the stairs help keep the property’s curb appeal high for residents and those considering living in this historic neighborhood. If you are looking for a concrete repair service in the Kansas City or surrounding area, contact our commercial concrete repair contractors today.

Project Time – 2 days

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Children's Mercy Concrete Repair

Children’s Mercy, Kansas City

CCS repaired 125 feet of decaying walkway and parking lot entry points.

Children’s Mercy Hospital knows that tripping and walking hazards are unacceptable in a healthcare environment. They also know they can’t afford to shut down entire walkways and parking lots for days or weeks. That’s why they call on Commercial Concrete Solutions to repair, not replace, their important exterior concrete surfaces.

The concrete contractors at CCS are experts in commercial concrete repairs. Contact them today for all of your concrete repair requests.

Project Time – 3 hours

Industry: Healthcare | Repairs: ,

Kansas City Zoo Concrete Repair

Kansas City Zoo

Just when you think you’ve tackled every repair under the sun, you get a call from the Kansas City Zoo. They needed a quick solution for their elephant enclosure because the elephants were rubbing their tusks on the concrete causing it to break and chip off.

CCS performed a vertical concrete repair and in less than four hours the elephants were back in their enclosure. They say an elephant never forgets. We hope the KC Zoo never forgets they can rely on us to minimize downtime and keep their animals (and zoo-goers) safe.

If you need concrete repairs, contact our concrete repair contractors at CCS for a free quote on your repairs.

Project Time: 4 Hours

Industry: Municipalities | Repairs:

nor-am cold storage concrete repair

Nor-Am Cold Storage

Concrete surfaces at Nor-Am Cold Storage take their fair share of abuse, and considering the frigid temperatures inside, replacing them is impossible without effecting operations. Traditional concrete replacement isn’t effective or recommended at cold temperatures. And, cold patch doesn’t last. Nor-Am Cold Storage had concerns with cracks and spalls on their flooring and contacted CCS to repair them.

In less than a day and without muss or fuss, CCS repaired each crack and spall on this refrigerated cold storage industrial flooring, which eliminated trip hazards lessened wear and tear on equipment.

CCS offers concrete repair services to customers in Kansas City, Overland Park, Independence, and the surrounding areas. Don’t wait for costly replacements, contact our concrete repair experts today!

Project Time: 1 day

Industry: Cold Storage | Repairs: ,

Exide Technologies

Sulfuric acid is a dangerous chemical capable of corroding skin, paper, metal, and yes, even concrete. Exide Technologies’ flooring had become this colorless, oily, liquid chemical’s victim, causing cracks and spalls along the indoor tour route. The solution was to repair the damage with an acid-resistant product. Easy enough, but downtime isn’t an option for Exide Technologies, a lead-acid battery manufacturer that supplies automotive and industrial industries. Rather than interrupting their manufacturing, the CCS team performed the repair during the plant’s scheduled shut down at the holidays. What wasn’t easy was Exide Technologies’ environmental conditions – acidic with temperatures approaching the 100-degree Fahrenheit mark.

Project Time – 1 week

Industry: Warehouse | Repairs:

Unified Government of Wyandotte County

A water treatment facility is the lifeline to any city, town or county. When Wyandotte County’s clarifier tanks started leaking, an urgent solution was necessary to keep operations running. CCS’s special crystalline sealant was the perfect solution. Wyandotte County was able to drain one tank at a time to allow CCS to complete a vertical repair using their crystalline water proofing system. The CCS team was able to repair both water tanks in two days.

Project time: 2 days

Industry: Municipalities | Repairs:

Piston Automotive

In a battle between forklift and bollard at Piston Automotive, the forklift won. In fact, it knocked over the bollard. CCS was called in for a concrete foundation repair that would be strong enough to hold the bollard upright again and regain structural integrity. Nothing can slow down manufacturing and warehouse industry, and it’s difficult to repair forklift-related damage to concrete. CCS performed the repair in just 30 minutes, and it was ready for forklift traffic in just 15 minutes. The bollard is solid, ready to take on the next bump.

“I have been in the maintenance industry for 25 years, and could never find a product that I could repair concrete from forklift damage, then I found the Pro Choice concrete patch, which works better than anything I have ever tried, and is fast drying, which is a must in the manufacturing industry. I will never use anything else again, thank you.”

Tom Wenzel, Piston Automotive

Project Time – 30 minutes

Industry: Warehouse | Repairs: ,

Herzog Transit – RideKC Streetcar

The RideKC Streetcar has quickly become an icon of downtown life in Kansas City. When spalling along the track system started to show, Herzog Transit Services, Inc. called on CCS to perform spall repairs, fix potholes and ensure proper color matching for each repair. To ensure passengers never skipped a beat, our team worked overnight for four nights to keep the project and the streetcar moving.

Project Time: 4 nights

Industry: Municipalities | Repairs: ,

Realpac Real Estate Service

Realpac was dealing with cracks and spalls in a sidewalk. They negatively effected the building’s exterior appeal, created a tripping hazard, and were letting water seep in which would cause the sidewalk to deteriorate even more, sooner. Rather than tear out and replace the concrete sidewalk section, CCS was able to repair the affected area in just a day. The repair is as strong and durable as a more time- and money-consuming replacement. Bonus, it could be walked on in just 15 minutes.

Project Time – 1 day

Industry: Property Management | Repairs:

TempStop, Sedalia, MO

Constant semi-truck and car traffic can wreak havoc on any truck stop’s concrete parking lot and keeping it in good repair and safe condition can be a never-ending battle for owners. Rather than settle for short-term repair, TempStop went with CCS. We repaired the spalls and potholes in the parking area that were creating rough driving surfaces and trip hazards for customers and their rigs and cars. Since truck stops/convenience stores thrive on traffic, we were careful not to interrupt the flow of traffic and vehicles were able to drive on the surface as soon as repairs were complete thanks to our revolutionary concrete repair product.

Project Time – 1 day

Industry: Retail and Convenience | Repairs: , ,

Varnum Armstrong Deeter

Many times, where there is spalling and deteriorating concrete curbs, there are trip hazards and the potential for serious injury and lawsuits, not to mention the negative impact on the visual appeal. Varnum Armstrong Deeter chose CCS to provide a permanent solution to a common problem – trip hazards. CCS repaired curbs and spalls without interfering with business and life as usual. To up the curb appeal, we carefully matched our repair work to the existing color so everything blends.

Project Time – 4 days

Industry: Property Management | Repairs:

Ameristar Casino

CCS repaired approximately 45 stamped concrete bricks that had broken up under the weight of vehicle and busy foot traffic in front of the casino’s entrance. Not only were we careful to stamp and color the concrete repair material to blend with the existing surface, but also we started at the crack of dawn to finish the project in about 14 hours despite cutting out each individual brick. To keep valets moving cars without interruption and inconvenience to guests, we reduced our work area to one lane at a time.

Project Time – 14 hours

Industry: Retail and Convenience | Repairs:

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