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At a fraction of the cost and time of traditional replacement.

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Around St. Joseph and across the Kansas City metro area, commercial businesses and city leaders are rethinking how they tackle concrete repair projects. Instead of taking on the cost and inconvenience of concrete replacement, they’re spending less money and getting a higher quality outcome faster with concrete repair from Commercial Concrete Solutions.

When your concrete surfaces, such as parking lots, sidewalks, stairs and more, become a hazardous eye sore, choose Commercial Concrete Solutions to repair, not replace them. Regardless of the level of deterioration, our concrete repair method restores the area just as well as a total tear out, but without mess and expense.

The Old Ways of Fixing Concrete Don’t Apply Anymore

Concrete surfaces need occasional repairs. That means closing off an area, inconveniencing people who use the spot, and a lot of expense. It also meant that minor repairs were put off to the point that they become major tear-out jobs.

Those days are gone. Commercial Concrete Solutions uses the latest technology for concrete repair in St. Joseph and the surrounding metro. Our methods repair concrete in hours, not days and it’s drivable in 15 minutes, so it’s back to business for you and your customers.

Can You Trust Concrete Repair Methods and Technology?

If KCI Airport trusts Commercial Concrete Solutions with their runways, the Kansas City Zoo relies on our repair technology to stand up to their elephants, plus the Royals, Children’s Mercy, Ride KC Streetcar, Zona Rosa, JE Dunn, Casey’s and many more, then you can, too.

Commercial Concrete Solutions has earned a reputation for reliable service and excellent concrete repair work. Owned by the Kobush family, our St. Joseph commercial concrete contractors have been in business. Our skilled concrete repair contractors .

We are:

  • A Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City member
  • ACI certified

The Benefits of Concrete Repair Over Replacement Are Clear

  • Concrete repair is convenient because there’s less prep, repair and cleanup involved and most repairs are complete in minutes or hours, not days.
  • Concrete repair costs less than replacing it.
  • Our concrete repairs last as long, if not longer thanks to our current technology and materials designed stand up to the pressure of airplanes and elephants.
  • Concrete repair is so durable that we stand behind it with a guarantee.

Don’t Waste Time or Money on Concrete Replacement Anymore

If you’re in St. Joseph and need your damaged concrete surfaces repaired, call the experts at Commercial Concrete Solutions. We understand you need your repairs done right, affordably, and fast.

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