Vertical Repair

Kansas City Zoo Concrete Repair

Kansas City Zoo

Just when you think you’ve tackled every repair under the sun, you get a call from the Kansas City Zoo. They needed a quick solution for their elephant enclosure because the elephants were rubbing their tusks on the concrete causing it to break and chip off.

CCS performed a vertical concrete repair and in less than four hours the elephants were back in their enclosure. They say an elephant never forgets. We hope the KC Zoo never forgets they can rely on us to minimize downtime and keep their animals (and zoo-goers) safe.

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Project Time: 4 Hours

Industry: Municipalities | Repairs:

Unified Government of Wyandotte County

A water treatment facility is the lifeline to any city, town or county. When Wyandotte County’s clarifier tanks started leaking, an urgent solution was necessary to keep operations running. CCS’s special crystalline sealant was the perfect solution. Wyandotte County was able to drain one tank at a time to allow CCS to complete a vertical repair using their crystalline water proofing system. The CCS team was able to repair both water tanks in two days.

Project time: 2 days

Industry: Municipalities | Repairs:

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