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Concrete – it’s used everywhere! From parking lots and driveways, to foundations and sidewalks, concrete is one of the most common materials used in infrastructure. When concrete becomes damaged, not only is it unsightly, it can be a safety issue. Fortunately, the technology behind concrete work has come a long way and the team at CCS uses that technology to provide sound solutions for commercial and residential clients in Independence, MO and the Kansas City area.

When we think of damaged or impaired concrete, tearing out the material and replacing it typically comes to mind. Not only is this method costly, it’s messy, disruptive, and can take days to complete. Commercial Concrete Solutions is a professional, family-owned business with decades of concrete work experience. We use advanced processes and materials to provide quality concrete repair, saving the business or homeowner time and money. If your project requires concrete work, don’t have it replaced, repair it!

The Benefits of Repair vs. Replacement

  • Cost: Having concrete replaced is pricey. The cost of repairing concrete can be at least half the price of having it torn out and replaced.
  • Longevity: The materials and process of concrete repair offer strength and durability, ensuring a long-lasting finished product.
  • Convenience: Tear-out and replacement of concrete applications can take days, causing disruption and inconvenience. Concrete repairs are less invasive, less messy, and offer a quick solution, just hours, for any concrete project.
  • Guaranteed: Concrete repair is heavy-duty, dependable, and best of all, it’s guaranteed!

Commercial Concrete Solutions, family-owned by the Kobush family, is an award-winning company that provides commercial and residential concrete repairs in Independence, MO and the Kansas City area. They have built their business on a sound reputation, core values, and trust that are found in a family-owned establishment. CCS is ACI certified and a member of the Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City.

For commercial and residential concrete work, Commercial Concrete Solutions is Independence, MO’s premier concrete repair contractor. Don’t waste time or money on concrete replacement, call th

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