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At a fraction of the cost and time of traditional replacement.

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Our Concrete Contractors are the Midwest's Repair Experts

Concrete is the material of choice for parking lots, walkways, stairs, pads, foundations and anywhere else you find infrastructure. Why? Because concrete withstands heavier loads and lasts for generations.

But as strong as concrete is… load stress, seasonal weather swings, water permeation and other factors will eventually cause concrete surfaces to crack or spall, creating hazards for those walking and traveling over them. You have a better option than replacing concrete.

Repair, Don’t Replace

Our concrete contractors use technology that repairs rather than replaces your most critical concrete surfaces and avoid expensive tear-outs and disruption to your business. The same concrete repair materials and process that keeps Kansas City’s streetcar running smoothly is available for your business.

Let Our Concrete Contractors Get You Back to Business Fast

Our skilled team understands the importance of “business as usual” and will get you back to it quickly. They work smart. They work fast. Our concrete contractors even work odd hours to avoid causing any inconvenience on your end.

Why Repair?

  • Cost is a fraction of the price (50 percent or less than replacement)
  • Immediate repairs help avoid huge problems later
  • Most repairs take an hour and are ready for traffic in minutes
  • Maintain curb appeal that effects property value and cash flow

We are the Midwest’s Concrete Repair Experts

Serving the Kansas City, Topeka and Lawrence areas, we’re one of the Midwest’s most experienced concrete repair contractors. Our team of skilled employees understands the importance of “business as usual.” We work smart. We work fast. We even work odd hours to avoid any inconvenience on your end. Over the years, we’ve performed both interior and exterior concrete repairs in commercial and municipal settings:

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